Drinking dilemma?

So, where do you imagine yourself in 20 years’ time? A family? In your dream job? Probably not in a jail cell. In 2013/2014 there were 1,327,000 violence crimes committed and 53% of them were alcohol related. Some result in … Continued

Self-harming – Why do people do it?

This is a very sensitive subject and not one you will often hear people openly talking about but it happens all the time. According to selfharm.co.uk  It is thought that around 13% of young people may try to hurt themselves … Continued

Get Real!

We live in a world that’s ruled by social media and you can’t escape it. It’s everywhere, and we’re only just beginning to understand how it is affecting us. Body image is something that has a big impact on people’s … Continued

Don’t get tangled in the web

The internet is a great way to stay in contact with family and friends but it can also be a very dark place for anyone. As a teenager myself and growing up in a generation surrounded by social media and … Continued

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Eating disorders are a serious mental illness and affect over 1.6 million people in the UK. Although they are serious, they are treatable and people can fully recover from them. The sooner someone gets the help and support that they … Continued

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